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Graphic PLC Increases its North American Market Penetration April 18,2014
Scott Kohno, President of GraphicUSAannounced that Graphic PLC has begun its strategic penetration of the North American market.Graphic PLC bought CalFlexUSAlast summer with plans to
HDI Board Capacity Utilization Rates to rise in 2Q14 April 17,2014

The production capacity utilization rates of high-end HDI at Taiwan-based PCB makers are set to rise in the 2nd quarter of

Qualitel Corporation Wins 2014 Service Excellence Award April 14,2014

Tuanhai Hoang, President of Qualitel Corporation announced recently that his company was the recipient of the prestigious Service Excellence

Single/Double-sided PCBsMore
Aoshikang Group Limited
Producing 160,000 square meters of PCBs (up to 16 layers) every month,we are also one of PCB experts for LCD panel application. Welcome to tour our facilities with 2,500 employees.
Phone: +86-752-3532 666
Fax: +86-752-3532 665
Web :
Juniper Circuits, Inc.
Juniper’s competitive pricing, high quality and on-time delivery of our single, double and multi-layer flexible circuits board has made us a world-class supplier to both small and large customers.
Phone: +86-756-751 2666
Fax: +86-756-751 2688
Web :
Multilayer PCBsMore
Xingda Hongye Group
We are a China's Leading PCB Manufacturer Employs 3,000 People with 4 Specialized Factories, our China Kunshan's specialized HDI capacity is 120,00 square meters each month.We care for Environment and Humans, not just Circuit Board.
Phone: +86-760-2340 3778
Fax: +86-760-2340 3998
Web :
Zhuhai Seiki PCB Co.,Ltd
Multilayer PCB (Up to 16 Layers); Board Thickness: 0.2 - 5.0 MM ;Surface Finishing: OSP, HAL, HAL-LF, Immersion Gold; Materials: FR4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Halogens Free, High Tg, High Frequency, Ceramic Board, Al-Based Metal Core Board
Phone: +86-756-3360 680
Fax: +86-756-3345 973
Web :
Flexible PCBsMore
Civa AS / Capinor(Norway)
Civa deliver PCBs to the electronic industry in North Europe. The products come mainly from China, but prototypes and more complex boards are also delivered from Europe.
Phone: +47-61181010
Fax: +47-92107645
Web :
Tip Top Printed Circuits
No hindering of time difference, we offer you 24 hours round-the-clock PCB,FPC and Rigid-Flex PCB quuotation service.
Phone: +86-755-2794 8639
Fax: +86-755-2794 8993
Web :
PCB Assembly/EMSMore
Kingsheng PCBA Tech
With 7 years of PCBA Manufacturing, Kingsheng is providing high quality Electronic Manufacturing Services. Fuji and Siemens SMT lines are capable of placing the latest components,including BGA.
Phone: +86-755-2936 1043
Fax: +86-755- 2744 2301
Web :
Forefront Electronic
We offer comprehensive suite of EMS service solution for your One-stop PCB assembly needs. Quality,cost,lead time and customer satisfaciton are always our topmost concerns.
Phone: +86-755-2955 8131
Fax: +86-755-2955 8132
Web :
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