Ever Wonder Why Companies like Coca-cola or McDonald's Continue to Advertise despite Unprecedented Brand Awareness? The Best Sales Results depend on Long-term Ads to Succeed. That's why we offer our Best Advertisers Comprehensive Exposure using a Wide Array of Marketing Options, we now offering a menu of Multimedia Marketing Choices.

Global PCB Marketplace 2019-2020 Magazine Advertising Position
• One Full Page • Double Page Spread
• Position for VIP Advertiser: 1, Inside Front Cover 2, Front Cover 3, First Page

• Ad Material Requirements: 1, Full Page Tim Size: 205 X 270 mm; 2, Bleed Size: 211 X 276mm.

Purchasepcb.com 2019-2020 Online Real-time Ads
• Bottom Banner Ad (Sizes: 1200 pixels wide, 280 pixels high)
Your Banner ad will Link Directly to your own Web site.
• Online PCB | EMS SOURCING Membership Listing

1, Your Company's Profile.   2, Digital Edition of Magazine Ad.   3, Contact Information and B2B Inquiry Function.

More Value-added Advertising Services:
Coordinated Marketing Messages appearing in Multiple Media Formats are More Effective than a Single-medium Ad Approach. Take Advantage of Integrated Marketing Opportunities, We now offer a Customizable Menu of
Multimedia Marketing Choices.

• Magazine "Stay in touch with advertisers" Page Business Card Insert for your Sales People
• Press Release Publishing services for your Important Events, New Products in Pint and Online.
• Bonus Distribution your Company Brochure and/or Ad-Reprints at World's Leading Trade Shows.

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